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International Coach, Consultant & Speaker

Inspiring, Motivating and Educating with Experience, Wisdom, Humor and Jersey Girl Attitude.
Mary is a Jersey Girl who now resides in Virginia and has lived and worked in the Middle East. Tapping into a unique combination of corporate, entrepreneurial and international experience, Mary shares her exclusive perspective with her audience and delivers wisdom and knowledge, with energy, outstanding delivery skills and a sharp sense of humor.

Living a Positive Life with Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence:

Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential and How You Can Achieve Yours.

Letting Go at 10,000 Feet ~
Dealing with Transition & Change

It’s impossible to “Manage Change.” Instead,
focus on the REAL challenge & its impact.

3 Most Critical Leadership Skills Needed NOW

Do you know what they are? Do you possess them? Are you ready for the future of Leadership?

3 Leadership Myths That Can Make You Crazy 

Management, Motivation & Mystery.

Customized Topics by Request.

Mary D'Amato

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