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What Makes Mary D’Amato Different?

“I work with women executives in traditionally male dominated industries to find their voice, to speak up and be heard.”

“Il Pesce Puzza Del Capo Primo”

The Fish Stinks From The Head First

Yes, the fish stinks from the head first, and it’s also how you can determine a healthy fish. That’s also how we determine how healthy your organization is. Leaders create the culture by what they reward, Punish and Tolerate! They inspire, set and operationalize standards and implement strategy.

Leadership does not happen in a vacuum nor is it a stand-alone skill. You must compare actual performance with desired performance within your organizational culture. You can then use the insight and information to make the professional, team and organizational changes needed to be  the successful leader you or other leaders are striving to be.

“Hiring Mary as my coach was a “game changer”. There have been a number of people in my life that have helped me develop into a better leader and Mary is one of those very special people. Mary’s coaching and special incite helped me understand how I affected others in my organization, and that I was capable of doing better. She provided me with very usable management and leadership tools that helped me to develop the culture that I wanted, and also developed me into a more effective leader.



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Great Leadership, Great Confidence

Empowering Women

Great Leadership, Great Confidence


Great Leadership, Great Confidence


Great Leadership, Great Confidence


Clarify your retreat goals, build trust, and improve communication. Make your next retreat worth your time and your money!

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