Empowering Women

Speak Up, Speak Out, Be Heard

Creating a world where women know their truth and use their voice to speak up, speak out and are heard.

Have you ever…

  • Wanted to express what you were feeling but something held you back?
  • Felt an urge or intuition but couldn’t quite “hear” it or understand it?
  • Known the truth about a situation but couldn’t or wouldn’t share it?
  • We have all had these experiences but now we believe it is time to nurture our power; to listen to our intuition; to speak with confidence, strength and intention.

In the future, we will be hosting a 1½ day retreat for a powerful group of women and we hope you’ll be a part of this experience. You’ll have an opportunity to share with others but each experience will be uniquely personal. We’ll spend Friday evening and all day Saturday in a safe, nurturing and participative process learning to Find our Voice and Speak our Truth.

You will:

√ Learn about your communication style strengths and challenges;

√ Identify what is holding you back;

√ Learn how to listen to your intuition;

√ Discover the real power of your truth;

√ Learn ways to express yourself with confidence.

Public Safety Women Executives

This is what I hear from women in public safety, in small towns and big cities and on all levels: 
  • If I’m assertive, I’m called a “bitch.” If I am empathetic, I’m called a “girl.” I can’t win for trying.
  • My use of empathy and emotional intelligence is resented and often ridiculed. 
  • Even though I have more experience than many of my male colleagues, my perspectives and suggestions are not taken seriously.
  • I have to deal with sexist bragging, and men who take credit for my work and I don’t know how to respond when this happens. 
  • As a female law enforcement leader, I feel I have to be twice as good to be thought of as only half as good as my male peers. 
  • I often don’t feel heard or valued. 
If you have ever said, thought or experienced any of these or similar comments, you are likely one of many women working in traditionally male-dominated professions, often structured on machismo and para-military systems, who are looking for ways to Speak Up, Speak Out and Be Heard. As women in all phases of public safety, you have your work cut out for you! Let’s schedule a FREE coaching call to determine communication strategies you might need, discover the hidden blocks or saboteurs that may be holding you back and develop the mental fitness mindset that enables good decisions and professional confidence.

Mary D'Amato

3D Coaching & Consulting