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Leadership Consulting

Recent studies show that the leadership skills that you’re using today aren’t the same as the ones you’ll need in 2020! With new technology, competition, expectations, demands and a multi-generational workforce, additional skills will have to be incorporated within you.
Make sure you discover, understand and correct what isn’t working by eliminating communication barriers. Creating an atmosphere of open communication, trust and collaborative problem-solving increases engagement and productivity.

Click here, to check if you have the leadership communication skills that are required for tomorrow’s leaders.
HARP Communication Styles 

“Mary’s ability to coach on performance management (among many other topics) is second to none. She knows how to help you get to the root of any employee relations problem… and she knows how to help you solve it. Highly recommended!.”

– Ian K

With Great Leadership Comes Great Confidence

Leadership and confidence are interlinked. A confident individual is often seen as a good leader. That confidence is a requirement for orchestrating strategic decisions, creative problem solving and healthy conflict. And as the saying goes, “It’s lonely at the top.” Whether it’s a commitment to a coaching process, or Just-In-Time coaching call, you have someone in your corner, telling you the truth, sharing a different context or perspective, and making sure you have the leadership skills to be successful. If you have never worked with a coach, and/or have questions or concerns, call for a Free confidential and introductory coaching call.

Use GAP Analysis to Compare Actual Performance

Use a Gap Analysis technique to quickly identify talent, team, management and leadership gaps to create a strategic framework for addressing them and a customized program to correct them. Once recognized, a holistic consulting and leadership coaching program is created to move your organization from actual performance to desired results. Our program moves our clients from Problem to Process to Profitability!

Improve Leasdership, Teams, and Organizations

If you recognize any of these challenges, you can trust our experts to use their GAP Analysis to move you from problem, to process, to profitability.  

  • You’re unable to let of of work problems and it’s interfering with the quality of your life
  • You’re working as hard as possible but can’t get the results you want
  • You have a high turnover and worry you’re not employing the right people
  • Management wants you to “improve” but you’re not sure what tor how to improve
  • Employees are in conflict and you’re unable to handle the situation
  • You spend too much of your time managing employee conflicts rather than focusing on how to sstrategically grow your business.  

If you've dug yourself into a hole, stop digging. If you find a gap, start filling!

success coaching & CONSULTING

Mary D'Amato