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My Clients are Successful Because they…

  • Identify Success Blocks and create breakthrough strategies to overcome them.
  • Move from problem to process to peak performance.
  • Respond well to NJ snarky, no BS assessment, hold feet to the fire guidance.
  • Learn to tailor communication style and strategies to enable confident conversations.

Meet Mary D’Amato

Mary D’Amato is an International Strategic Leader/Organizational Development Executive with over 20 years’ experience as a strategic business partner specializing in leadership, communication and conflict management. With an OD (Organizational Development) perspective, emphasis is on transforming leadership style, interpersonal relationships and communication, and providing practical strategies and processes which improve leadership, employee relations and operational effectiveness.

Mary was previously Adjunct Faculty at Cornell University, Extension Division, New York, NY, for sixteen years where she researched, developed and presented two-day intensive courses for Cornell Certification programs in Employee Relations (ER) and Advanced ER. She was also an Adjunct Instructor at Georgetown University, where she taught Coaching for HR Professionals for their Master’s program in Human Resources.
Mary has designed and teaches a Coaching and Consulting for Improved Performance process and a Performance Based Interview System (PBI™), both used in several industries including but not limited to law enforcement, manufacturing, media, finance, healthcare and education.

Mary has a MS Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, is certified with Empower World (an International Coach Federation accredited program); has been trained in Positive Intelligence and is an active member of the Virginia Chapter of the International Coaching Federation, (ICF). She is a Jersey Girl, now living in Virginia, who has lived and worked in five different states, Washington, DC and the Middle East.

My  Story

It was often, “Sit down, and be quiet.” It was frequently, “I don’t want to hear it. Go to your room.” Many times it was, “Don’t say that.” As I got older, it was implied I had nothing worthwhile to contribute, especially since I was “just a girl.”

From a very young age, I was not allowed to speak up, speak out or encouraged to be heard. Walking to and from school with some of the older kids in the neighborhood, I was ignored or talked over. Being in relationship with a narcissist and having jobs with abrasive and demeaning men kept me quiet, frustrated and angry.

Always struggling to feel as if I had something to contribute and to express it, I made a commitment to learn how to speak up so people would be willing to listen to what I had to contribute, and I learned how to speak out without being confrontational. But where do you learn this stuff? Communication and the courage to speak up are not taught in school so we are left with trial and error, mistakes, apologies and a sense of irrelevance.

Finally, I learned how to find my voice and be heard and how to speak my truth with confidence and kindness. It has been a long and bumpy journey and here I am, helping others with their own communication challenges. It’s the old, “Wish I knew then what I know now,” regret. You do not need to wait to learn what works. If you want to learn how to speak up, speak out and be heard, contact me for a FREE coaching session. We can identify what communication challenges may be getting in the way so
you can start learning what you weren’t taught. You can do this!


What Can I Do For You?


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Inspiring Leaders with
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Jersey Girl Attitude

“Il Pesce Puzza Del Capo Primo”

The Fish Stinks From The Head First

Yes, the fish stinks from the head first, and it’s also how you can determine a healthy fish. That’s also how we determine how healthy your organization is. Leaders create the culture by what they reward, Punish and Tolerate! They inspire, set and operationalize standards and implement strategy.

Leadership does not happen in a vacuum nor is it a stand-alone skill. You must compare actual performance with desired performance within your organizational culture. You can then use the insight and information to make the professional, team and organizational changes needed to be  the successful leader you or other leaders are striving to be.

“Hiring Mary as my coach was a “game changer”. There have been a number of people in my life that have helped me develop into a better leader and Mary is one of those very special people. Mary’s coaching and special incite helped me understand how I affected others in my organization, and that I was capable of doing better. She provided me with very usable management and leadership tools that helped me to develop the culture that I wanted, and also developed me into a more effective leader.


Mary D'Amato

3D Coaching & Consulting